Olive Oil

The premium cold pressed L’olivier de vassily olive oil comes exclusively from the village of Kalethéa in the Kalamata region of Greece. The first pressing of the small green vatsikes olives result in it's distinctive green colour and peppery finish. The oil which is lold in a 500 ml bottle has a lower acidity level of 0.40% and each bottle carries a best before date. The olive branch was adopted as a graphic on the label because it has been used since antiquity as a symbol of peace, prosperity and a desire to excel.

The producers of L'olivier de Vassily are proud to introduce their Kalikori blend, made with Mavro elies (black olives) and Koroneiki olives from the famous region of Messinia, Kalamata. This exceptional olive oil boasts the best of both worlds and has a low acidity level of 0.4% Use Kalikori blend for all your everyday kitchen needs.

About Us

In 1950, Vassily, the Grandfather of Effy Ligris and her father Stavros Ligris planted a grove of vatsikes olive trees on family land in the hills near Kalethéa, in the Kalamata region of Greece.

For more than half a century since then, the olive oil produced from this grove has been a central ingredient of family life: the harvest, the way they eat, their belief in its health benefits and even in family rituals and ceremonies. Each new-born Ligris is anointed with the oil at baptism and thus is introduced to the family olive oil t a very young age.

The special respect for the grove and its fruit has been handed down from generation to generation. Effy, with the approval and blessing of her family, has established her company Kalikori so that she is able to share this bounty with others across the Atlantic. It is fitting that the name Kalikori means“good daughter” in Greek and pays homage to Effy’s forebears and her heritage, She aspires to live up to her name by continuing the traditions of her family.

With this in mind, She has named Kalikori’s premium cold-pressed L’Olivier de Vassily olive oil, in honor of her Grandfather “Papou Vassily”.

Throughout the year, family members nurture the olive grove. Théo Kosta, Effy’s uncle and master caretaker, begins the harvest in November before all the olives are ripe. The olives are gathered by hand, just as it has been done for hundreds of years. Then they are sent to the pressing machine which washes and sorts them before extracting the oil.

The small green vatsikes variety of olives are exclusively grown for oil. And as a result of an early harvest and the rocky mountainous kalamata region, the amount of oil produced from the Ligris grove is small but of Premium quality, L”Olivier de Vassily is not a blend it comes only from the olives of the Vatsikes trees planted by Effy’s “Papou” and Father, The early picking gives the oil its green colour, its aroma its peppery finish and the flavor of spring grass under the Mediterranean sun. Like fine wine, the unique flavor of each year’s yield depends on the climate and the rainfall. As the quantity is limited, the number of bottles varies from year to year.

L’Olivier de Vassily olive oil is best consumed raw as a finishing oil drizzled on cooked dishes such as fish or soup, in pesto and on salads, or simply as a delicious oil for dipping bread into.

From the Ligris Family estate to you comes a taste of Greece, a taste of tradition a taste of Spring.